Thursday, June 27, 2024

Three Interesting Things x 2

I've been adjusting to a new schedule and just did not get as far as posting end of last week, so here we are with extra things. 
1. This story about digital collections at the Library of Congress told part in comic form is very cool.
2. Mo Farah talked a little more about his running career and his journey to find more about how he was trafficked.
3. This is an older story, but I had not even heard that some people should get different sized vaccine needles, so, if this is news to you, here you go.
4. This story looks at how a new licensing requirement in Hawai'i is impacting traditional birthing practices
5. I found this story about the proposal for warning labels on social media useful. 
6. Oh, and remember when media was full of teens doing fake baby experiments for health class?  Apparently, they actually increased teen pregnancy