Friday, June 14, 2024

Tara Describes the Tony Nominated Plays and Musicals Badly

Technically these are one sentence descriptions, but, yeah, no claims to accuracy here.  This is done with love and appreciation for all the hard work that goes into making theater.  I only counted those nominated for best play, musical, or revival of one of those

Jaja's African Hair Braiding - A day in the life of terrible immigration policies, and hair. 
Mary Jane - Being a mom is super hard. 
The Mother Play - Mothers are a lot. 
Stereophonic - Making art with other people is so great and also so hard and awful.
Hell's Kitchen - Not-quite-Alicia-Keys is coming of age. 
Illinoise - Campfire tales with dance. 
The Outsiders - In the 1960's it was hard being a parentless boy. 
Suffs - What if we let women vote, that would be cool.  I'm sure no one will oppose that.*
Water for Elephants - What if you really did run away to be with the circus.
An Enemy of the People - What if you tried to warn people of a deadly risk, and they got really mad. 
Appropriate - Sorting through a dead relative's things always leads to drama. 
Purlie Victorious:  A Non-Confederate Romp through the Cotton Patch - A preacher has a plan to win back his inheritance from the plantation owner. 
Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club - One needs a good place to relax and sing, when there are Nazis and political upheaval going on outside. 
Gutenberg! The Musical! - Two guys try to pitch a musical about Gutenberg. 
Merrily We Roll Along - Telling a story about friends breaking up backwards, so it seems happy.
The Who's Tommy - PTSD can sometimes result in excellent pinball skills.

*I know.  It's two sentences.  Oops.  My bad.