Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The View From the Couch

I sat on my couch yesterday and watched out the window as a giant dark grey cloud covered half the sky. There had been some rain earlier, but not much, compared to the day of rain that had been originally predicted. 
I got up and peered out the window, to make sure I wasn't just missing the rain, but no, it was dark, but not currently raining. The wind had even died down. There were flashes of far off lightning, but far enough off that I couldn't hear the thunder. 
I kept watching. I'm not sure why. I was indoors, as was my cat. (My cat is always indoors, unless we are en route to the vet, to be clear.) I had no plans to be outside. Witnessing the exact moment the rain started, if it started was not going to change any of my plans. 
Sometimes it feels like you have to watch. You have to personally witness the thing. And hey, I love live theater. I am not going to say witnessing a thing cannot be cool. It can! 
But sometimes, when it is something you cannot affect or change, witnessing it is not always necessary or helpful. It can be cool, if you enjoy storms. 
I still care about the weather. I thought good thoughts for my unhoused neighbors. I certainly thought about those who were facing deadlier storms. Who lost power. 
But after making sure I am fed, and rested, I'm going to focus on the things I can help with, can affect, and let the rain do what it's going to do.