Monday, May 20, 2024

Seemingly Simple Crafts

It has been fun watching people make friendship bracelets, a thing I did kind of constantly as a tween, learning to make 4 and 6 and 8 strand ones. I never knew the names of the stitches, but figured through trial and error, and tips from friends how to make many different styles. 
Recently I suddenly decided I needed to make potholders. And I ordered all the things, and now I have made an absolute ton of potholders. Okay, I have made like 16. And am debating ordering more loops, though I do also have some cotton yarn, and you can use yarn.
I'm still knitting. And making sweaters and shawls and such. But the joy of a potholder I can complete in a single evening, is really fun. 
I had tried getting into weaving before. The discovery that warping could take a whole evening kinda killed it for me. It's a me problem for sure. (There's a local class that has you do your first project on a pre-warped loom, which I thinking clever. Gets you hooked on the end result first, then you learn about the process.) 
But I also do not have to be a weaver. Oh but wait, I just made 16 potholders. I am a weaver. Just not the kind of weaver I thought I was going to be. But these are pretty. And they make me happy. And I do have plans for the potholders.