Monday, October 16, 2023

Tasting the Food

My cat eats dry food in small bits, like a tastings. The wet food she either scarfs down immediately or eats in stages. The stages still add up to an hour at most. But she will eat a little, then walk away from the bowl. Often flop down somewhere else like now she's moved on. But a few minutes later she will return and eat more. 
I tend to be like that. Having had jobs where food time was exactly 30 minutes, and honestly they would prefer it to be less, and then jobs where, are you sure you even need lunch? So when I'm alone I am often focused. Evening if am also reading while eating. 
But when I have someone to chat with and no schedule to adhere to - I can nibble for hours. It's fun and also, the food often does taste better when you take time. The slow food people are onto something.