Monday, October 09, 2023

Delightful Memories

I was reading a book (TJ Alexander's Chef's Choice) and one of the characters lives in Paris, so they end up in Paris, and for their first meal the Parisien character goes and buys fruit, and bread, and cheese, and wine, and meat, and they go sit on a spot along the Seine and eat. 
Because I was in college in Scotland, heading to Paris for spring break was comparatively easy and cheap. And so I went with two friends who had both lived in Paris for a time. And for our first meal we went to a small grocer, and bought bread and cheese and strawberries and then sat alongside the Seine and ate the food while staring at the river. 
It was a delightful way to start the trip. And while we did and ate other delightful things, it stuck in my memory as a standout moment. 
Of course I live in a city with a river (and also a channel, and another river). And I do try to make sure to go see it. To remind myself of the waterways. 
And while I eat less dairy during peak allergy times, bread and cheese and fruit is always a great choice. 
And so in addition to a fun food centric romance, I got to ponder a really great memory.