Thursday, May 04, 2023

Three(ish) Interesting Things

2. Obviously the rain in California has not been great for everyone, it has led to a surfeit of wildflowers
3. Let's pair these two items together, though yes, nothing is stopping me from adding another item. A woman appeared to - shall we say - really, really, enjoy the LA Philharmonic and unrelatedly, except perhaps in my brain there (or was, because things melt) an iceberg that for reasons has been nicknamed the dickie berg.  (The images if you click through will only be of orchestras and icebergs, but the headlines may not be what you want folks reading over your shoulder, so, you know, click responsibly.)  
Also, it's AANHPI list.  Jackie Lau has curated a list of reasonably priced Asian romance authors.  
Malia Maunakea has curated a list of Pacific Islander authors.  
And of course, reminder that I have a list of Hawaiian authors - diasporan and not, that does include me.