Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Years and Things

I really hate setting standards I don't consistently meet, so the pressure to pick a word, or set some sort of goal or resolution as we all tack a new number onto the end of the year has always bugged me a little. It is of course very much an if it works for you, I am pleased for you, situation. 
One of the things I sort of love is that while many of us across the world have decided to agree to change the number at the end of the year at the same time, there's not agreement on when the new year really starts. There are Academic Years, Fiscal Years, and various cultural new year celebrations that occur from about August to April. And likely there's more that I just haven't happened on to yet. 
Which honestly, how cool is that. If the changing of the year helps provide a clear before and after market for a change you wish to make, there's nearly always one around the corner. 
And goodness knows, I am absolutely planning to spend the first week in January crunching the numbers on last year's reading, and take a look at all my Storygraph charts. 
So, I hope food, drink, and warmth are in your weekly forecast, along with whatever other plans you may have to mark the changing of the numbers.