Thursday, December 29, 2022

Three Interesting Things

1. A barbershop owner opened up his shop to people in Buffalo stranded or without heat during the storm.  
2. Two cats were saved after an apartment fire in DC.  
3. This column pointed out something about corporations these days, in light of the Southwest Airlines scheduling system failures - the outsourcing of public interface for companies to folks that are often low paid, and certainly not the decision makers, is intentional.  The corporate decision makers are shielded from talking to the heartbroken people impacted by the effects of their decisions.  And the hope is that you will yell at the gate agent, the customer service agent, and then move on, having vented.  So people yelling at customer service agents is bad, but it is in some ways a feature and not a bug.  (To be clear, I am not in favor of yelling at customer service, I work in customer service.) Anyway, read this post.