Tuesday, October 11, 2022


I'm always amused as the calendar shifts, and then we will invariably see complaints that the weather has not observed proper protocol. (This year in the DC area, it changed to cool very quickly and without the normal step down.) 
Of course seasons exist, and even taking out the northern vs. southern hemisphere of it all, lots of folks live places that get cool sooner or later than the specific dates on the calendar. There's a reason year round schooling in the US is more popular in warmer climates where there would never be nine months of the year you could expect people to be indoors without AC, while many cooler areas try to fit schooling in in the months that are less warm. 
But if the weather near you feels like fall or not, we as humans like to see orderly progressions.  The possibly by Mark Twain quote about weather has been attributed to almost every state in the nation. Because over a hundred years ago they felt the weather was unpredictable and yet modern humans dedicate whole TV channels to tracking and organizing the weather, only to be disappointed when it doesn't adhere to our expectations. 
But maybe the weather is on to something. The weather is going to produce heat and cold, wind, and rain, based on all the various conditions and such that often humans have created or contributed to. 
It's not tied to last year's production standards, it's working with the conditions it has now. And while I would hope that as humans we could work on being less destructive than some weather events, there's something to be said for working within the environment you have now. And not trying to live up to conditions that no longer exist.