Monday, October 31, 2022

7 Things About NaNo

May I tell you a secret? I started my NaNo early. I have a bigger goal, and I decided that I was going to give myself some cushion. I can write ridiculous amounts of words in 30 days, but I can also, not. I realize ridiculous is in the eye of the beholder here.
So with that in mind, here we go.
1. I'm a big believer in learning about your process. Writing fast might be it. Writing slow might be it. You learn by trying. 
2. I'm also a fan of learning what really makes it hard for you. Too much noise, stress, music yes, music no, and so on. You won't always have ideal circumstances. But knowing which days you are better off saying, nope, it really won't be today, I'm going to make notes for tomorrow and move on. 
3. Whatever your plans are for these words, knowing your pace is great information that will serve you well. That pace may not average to 1667 words a day. You may discover tracking makes you batty. If so, you just have to do it once. Every story is a little different so your pace won't always translate but having something based in reality helps. 
4. Our capitalist society really makes go go go production very valued. Writing the most words means just that, that you wrote the most words. I find viewing this a production experiment helpful. For me I have also discovered there are some paces that are too fast. And that at a certain point for me, a slower pace just means the draft takes longer. 
5. Also, my other little trick, on days I have a really good day, I don't put all the words on the NaNo site. I hold a few back. And then when I have a slow day, I sprinkle a few extra in. I know! Lying to the calculator! Except it's not really lying. I have written all those words. 
6. One thing I hope we have learned in these pandemic times, is to be gentle. Be careful of the parts of your body you use or tighten more when in a writing sprint. 
7. Also on the be kind to your body front remember to take time to do something that is not the day job, and not NaNo. Being with real life people counts as research. Or just going outside and observing the trees. I promise.