Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Rest is Part of the Work

I remember this one minister was always talking about protests in her sermons.  And yes, she would mention that marching and writing to Congress weren't the only ways to work for change, to hopefully push the world into a better place.  But, a decade or so later, I understand wanting to rally people all the time even if the pollen is kicking my butt right now, and the idea of marching makes me want to take a nap.  
Someone asked after the 2016 election, why folks were protesting, unless they had concerns about the election itself.  And I had noted that sometimes the point of protest is to demonstrate that we are going to keep pushing.  
I have marched for things, I have written to my council member about things, I have donated to things, there are lots of ways to push the world a bit.  Many of them won't get to the ideal result in my lifetime but pushing is important.  
But even I, who abhor most official forms of exercise, know you can't only push.  Sometimes you have to rest.  And resting, is not just so you can push more later.  Rest is also important because the things you enjoy and do to rest and relax, are what give you the energy to keep making this world a better place.  
So if your happy place was cuddling with people and/or pets, reading, eating delicious things, or just pondering the clouds a bit, I hope you found some space for rest.