Monday, May 02, 2022

Be Gentle

I spent the last week trying to be very gentle with myself.  I'm coming up on some anniversaries of things, and heading into parental holiday season, and well, it is both a lot, and it is fine.
This is often a transitional time for folks.  On the northern hemisphere, while it is still spring, signs of summer are beginning to appear. School kids and teachers are eyeing summer plans, and those of us in jobs that don't automatically shift for reasons are still aware that time is shifting.  
Businesses often do quarterly reporting, evaluating how things are going, and schools often do too.  So as humans, we are trained to look out for these changes, and re-evaluate what it means.  
Pandemic rules are different of course, but most of us have more non-pandemic traditions embedded within us, than not.  (Shout out to my pandemic born cousin, who has only ever known a life where his parents telecommuted. It's a good life, kid.)
For folks who make five year plans, the plans are likely a little dented, even if you've rewritten them a few times.  
So, be gentle.  Progress isn't the only measure of success, sometimes survival really is an achievement.