Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Books for Donation Receipts

It's been an overwhelming week of news. 
Following the lead of others, particularly R. M. Virtues, I would like to offer folks books in exchange for donation receipts. Or a query review, if that is a thing that you are into.
With so many things calling for attention at the moment, I am not going to be super picky about where you donated. 
With recent legal news in Florida and Texas, Lambda Legal might be a great option. There's also romance folks raising money for the Transgender Education Network of Texas here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/heafortranskids-tent
Food is always a concern in troubling times, so Feeding America or World Central Kitchen are options.
I know I have readers in Japan, if there are places that are more open to donations for you, I'm going to trust that. 
Some fine print.
This will be for ebooks. I don't have capacity to be shipping at the moment.
Send me your receipt either using the contact form or emailing tara+contest @ tarakennedy dot com.  
My preference is to route you through Book Funnel for the freebie. If you hate that, let me know in the email, along with your preferred format (mobi, epub) and I'll send it to you. 
$5 - donation - 1 novel or 2 novellas
$10 donation - 2 novels or 1 novel and 2 novellas/shorts
$15 - 2 novels and 2 novellas/shorts or 4 novellas/shorts
$20 - Query Critique or 2 novels and 3 novellas/shorts or 5 novellas/shorts
$25 - 7 titles of your choice, or query critique plus 1 title
$30 - 8 titles of your choice, or query critique plus 2 titles
$35 - All 9 titles or query critique plus three titles

Novellas/Shorts are: Bait Girl, Aloha to You, Repeated Burn, Bored By the Billionaire, and Cocker on the Porch, which is currently not for sale anywhere.
Also Let's Talk About Fictional Sex is novella length.
Novels are: Undercover Bridesmaid and Hot Bartender.
Query Critique means I will review and make suggestions/revisions on your query for up to 3 rounds or 60 days, whichever comes first.
I will update this post when the offer is closed.