Monday, March 14, 2022

A Different Pandemic

I spoke to someone who said something to the extent that well, with COVID everyone does in a hospital. And it was not the time or place to well actually someone's grief. But it was a reminder that while the virus impacting everyone across the globe is the same, we are all having different experiences. I personally know people who were hospitalized and people who were not. Some survived, some didn't. For some families that I spoke to, getting the person home for hospice was a goal, once other goals became unattainable. Some folks have been simply discovered deceased after what they thought were symptoms of something else. 
Some people have easy access to the vaccine, and some do not. Some people are telecommuting, and some are not. Some people have masks or tests provided by jobs or governments and some do not. And it's easy to forget those differences, to assume that it's the same for everyone. But it isn't.