Monday, January 31, 2022

2021 Reading Tally

Reminder that I have nerded out on the reading data in the past very many times. Here's a link to last year, which links to other years.  
Total reads: 174, which ties my previous high in 2012!
4 were novellas.  One was a reread.  
147 authors (including those writing under multiple pen names). 
Oldest book was from 2006.  100 were from 2021, so more than half.  
88 were new to me authors.  
Most read was the writing team known as Kit Rocha who have also written as Moira Rogers at 10.  Some weeks you just need to binge a series, and well, I did.  Ann Aguirre was second at 7, and 6 of that was the Ars Numina series which brought me incredible comfort at a time I really needed it.  
May was my biggest reading month at 21.  
December was a close second at 18.  
27 audio, the rest were e.  About 70 of these were library books from the various library systems.  Shout out to libraries.  
Romance was my leader at 77, with contemporary being the top subgenre there.  YA  at 51. 
Reading highlights for the year are over on the newsletter - first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter