Monday, August 24, 2020

Forced Change

I've been working on a project where I talk a lot about authorial choices.  And one of the things that came up was that fiction likes using things like pregnancy, car accidents, death of a family member, because they are moments that make it very clear to the audience that whatever happens after this moment, the character will be changed. 
Well, and then my computer died.  To be clear, a piece of the power cord broke off inside the computer such that it can no longer be charged and of course, a new charger cannot be placed inside it.  In the middle of a pandemic. 
And because it's a pandemic computers are very popular items these days, where many households now have multiple people who need to do multiple things all requiring an internet enabled computer.  So yeah.  I should have a new to me one next week.  And in the interim, I have a small computer that basically has enough memory to have about 4 things open at any given time (Ie about 62 less things than I normally have open).  I hadn't used this one in a while.  It was purchased for its portability, but well, was never the choice for the everyday computer. 
And I'm very lucky.  I can afford to take a few less productive days.  I can afford to replace my computer.
I am never going to be grateful to be spending money for a thing I wasn't planning to purchase this year.  But it has given me time to reflect when the last time I allowed myself to have a few days where I didn't have to get six to ten things done. Perhaps a slowdown is not a bad idea.  I've been encouraging others to take vacation days even if they spend them sitting on the couch in front of the same laptop just chilling.  And I have been failing to follow my own advice. 
So, I'm going to give that a shot.