Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Conflicted Thoughts About Sports

I miss sports. I can only imagine how tough this has been for the athletes, for the office, stadium, and arena staff.
I know testing availability has gotten better but I have very mixed feelings about prioritizing getting sports back in session instead of say schools. 
I wrote a letter expressing my concerns about librarians where libraries are open and almost all the issues with libraries apply to sports. 
I am pleased the various players unions negotiated new terms for this season including easy opt out. But I don't know that the folks who clean the stadiums, who staff the cameras, who wash the towels have been given the same opportunity. I hope so. 
And I confess that I feel like this is such an American approach, although I have seen comparisons to gladiators, that we have prioritized making stuff for us to watch over making it safer to shop and go to school. 
And I confess, I'm a little mad at how many tests sportsing safely will take. 
I may still watch. Which I know makes me part of the problem. (In the days when I still watched football, I had adopted a sports bar, using the convoluted logic that at least I wasn't adding to the ratings. Pandemic takes that option off the table.) 
I missed sports. But I remain a little conflicted about its return.