Thursday, October 10, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. I deleted some of my initial Twitter thoughts about this, but found this response from fans regarding the NBA's handling of recent discussions about Hong Kong fascinating.  I've seen all sorts of signs at games, although admittedly I am usually there for hockey games.  I recognize that the arena has a no politics in signs rule, and of course the always present at the discretion of management stuff, which I have seen used against things like knitting.  Given there was a time when a water bottle cap was a precious commodity in the arena, I recognize sports arenas are one more place where varying rules are randomly applied.  No politics is the kind of vague rule that can be applied to anything.  Union contracts are politics after all.  And all the teams that play at that arena are unionized.  
2. There's been some talk about how some of the requests we see from folks for police to intervene where people are just being people is a result of folks from small towns or suburbs moving into places where we all live closer together, where you get to see, hear, and even smell neighbors, it changes how you operate.  Or, it doesn't.  This reflection on the now deceased Joshua Brown by Stacia L. Brown is not an easy read, but looks at what it means to consider your neighbors community.  
3. I've been fascinated with the interst in this DCist story about the proposed Disney America park.  Sure, I lived here then.  Sure, my dad had been a real estate consultant who had been involved in the site proposals for Disney France.  (No we did not get Disney tickets out of this.  I know.)  But I guess the combo of better faster social media means we rediscover such things all the time now.