Monday, October 28, 2019

A Suggested Playlist of Sorts

In light of a tweet by @NoTalentAC suggesting playing Disney music when recording sex tapes, to insure any leaked footage will be taken down, I present this list.
First, you do you, but long time readers know I've been banging (heh) the internet is not secret drum for some time now. Pictures on phones can't be relied on to stay there. Even snapchat can be screenshotted. So basically, regardless of the safeguards you think you have in place, assume anything can get out into the wider world. 
1. Poor Unfortunate Souls.
2. (I Won't Say) I'm in Love
3. Go the Distance
4. How Far I'll Go
5. A Whole New World
6. You're Welcome.
7. I'll Make a Man Out of You
8. Love is an Open Door
9. For The First Time in Forever
10. I See the Light.
11. Almost There
12. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
13. It's Going Down
14. Be Prepared