Thursday, May 02, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. It turns out allergies are due in part to botanical sexism.  And climate change. Dislike.  And achoo. 
2. There is a ton of news about Caster Semenya and others affected by the recent and in case my thoughts aren't clear wrong decision.  It is not lost on me that gender testing appears to be performed only on athletes of color.  And while I agree that being an Olympic level athlete does mean consenting to an incredible loss of medical privacy, the decision to regulate the amount of testosterone that females are allowed to have, is based on crap science.  It just is.  This piece from one of her competitors is thoughtful and looks at how she has come to adjust her thinking as she learned more about intersex (sometimes called DSD for disorders of sex development, a term I personally am not a fan of.) 
3. And I finally caught up to this interview with Blair Braverman about her Iditarod experience