Thursday, February 28, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. This is a fairly decent piece on the start of the current discussions about racism in the knitting community.  The stuff has gone over to plenty of spaces where folks think the discussion knitting does or does not need to have are the same as other places, and, as reflected in the piece, for some folks, they are in the stop talking about it and it will go away part still.  
2. Emma Thompson has written a letter to Skydance to explain why she had to leave a contracted project after their decision to hire a known sexual harasser.  I think we do need to make space for people to learn and improve, but much like the racism discussion above, hoping the behavior of decades has just abated because now he knows that misusing his power is bad would not seem like much consolation to me as an employee.  I appreciate her taking a stand and using her platform to speak out. 
3. This tale of several bookstores in San Diego teaming up to keep the store open during the owner and employee's illness is lovely.