Thursday, February 21, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. The point of social media is generally interaction, and yet some people are basically out there replying for the sake of replying.  This article stratifies the reply guy phenomenon.  I do find that the Ravelry agree/disagree/educational/etc buttons really help.  Sometimes all you have to say is some variation of uh-huh, but people who are used to being heard don't always no how to do that in their head silently. 
2. Smart Bitches has a really good recap of the unfortunate plagiarism scandal recently uncovered in romance.  It involved, at current count bits of 34 books being lifted, which one has to say is an impressive amount of plagiarism.  Their recap includes the books this bestselling author stole from, if you were looking for some great new reads.  
3. Mental Floss has a list of impressive yarnbombing projects