Thursday, April 19, 2018

Three Interesting Things

1.  I am hopeful that the DC Metropolitan Police Department's new training program with the National Museum of African American History and Culture will be helpful. As with other groups working on plans to teach employees about race, it won't solve everything, but it is a helpful step.  Hopefully the police chief is attending a course also. 
2. My most pervasive harassment experience (and I am super lucky) involved a concert where I, among other things, had my butt pinched so repeatedly I was bruised the next day.  Music festivals create an experience that is easy for predators to capitalize on, and have you ever tried finding an employee for help in a crowd of dancing bodies?  It's not easy.  So Teen Vogue's report on what it's like at Coachella saddened but did not surprise me.  Link includes info for RAINN, if you need assistance or more info on sexual assault. 
3. Cark Kassel passed away this week.  This memoriam from the team at NPR is warm and wonderful and contains the most delightful closing photograph,