Saturday, April 28, 2018

7 Posts: Crazy Ex Girlfriend - The office mates

This year we dug a little deeper into some of the office mates that were not Paula, Nathan, or Darryl.  It's hard to succinctly describe the amazingness of Tim singing a song of the grief he experiences learning his wife has never orgasmed with him, or Maya's weird millennial quips that still are on point, such as her note to Paula about seeking more female mentors but needing to be on the side of consent.  Nathan tries to take advantage of Rebecca (via her mom) quitting by hiring a new lawyer who is great at lawyering but turns out to be unable to handle the barrage of emotional support the various co-workers at the firm need. 
And returning to our more well-known office mates, some of the separation of Paula and Rebecca has been great.  Paula learned that her family has to work around her, and her co-workers all think she's the office bitch.  She brings in Sunil to get someone who is on her side, and finds he sides with the others. He tells her she is so used to giving out office criticism, she's not prepared to deal with and appreciate good work, only able to seek the flaws.