Thursday, January 25, 2018

Three Interesting Things

1. This case came to my attention on multiple fronts.  Imagine you wished the court case to be conducted in your native language.  Imagine the court case was taking place on your native lands.  Imagine the judge did not speak your native language so counted your appearance where you spoke only that language as your failure to appear in court.  This is actually happening in Hawaii. Yes the man also speaks English.  But restricting the defendant's ability to choose the language they feel most comfortable in seems a terrible precedent on multiple fronts, especially when there is a translator available.  
2. I do not watch this show. But this discussion of how the show went from cute idea with small conflicts to insane show with increasing level of manufactured conflict is something I think any reality TV watcher will appreciate.  Certainly I don't have access to the financials, but I do think in general the simple, I will watch people silently seethe over a small thing and discuss it endlessly with my friends gets overlooked by TV makers because the quiet buzz means I will watch ten episodes, where the people demonstrate they don't even care about their loved ones stuff gets old really fast. 
3. Jemele Hill wrote eloquently about how Michigan State, her alma mater, needs to wear it's shame in this gymnastics scandal.