Friday, September 08, 2017

Project Runway: Heidi is Your Client

In what has become a "Project Runway" tradition, Heidi's latest fashion venture, is this week's challenge. And the designers get the chance to make sleepwear. And paint fabric. The twins continue to make minimal effort to operate as separate entities, even though once again, Shawn gets in front of the judges, this time in the top, for what in my humble opinion was very pretty, but incredibly expected silver pajama set. Michael continues the "Project Runway" tradition of making something Chrysler building-esque, in this case a very cute nightie that ended up on the right side of the line of different but still looked like you wouldn't die trying to sleep in it.  Heidi mentioned middle of the night bathroom trips several times, but some of these outfits had bow and shoulder details that I felt sure would be a pain to sleep in, but most of those ended up safe, so back to those that got the full judging. Kentaro also ended up in the top for a gorgeous outfit that really benefited from the paint and dye treatment it had been given.
In the bottom we had Kenya, who had struggled, her paint treatment looked bad and she knew it so she got in a funk that she didn't really get herself out of and the outfit wasn't quite done and it showed.  Her saving grace at this point was, as Nina said, this is a lot of great ideas, rather then a lot of boring ideas.  (And yeah, that thinking did not work in Kudzanai's favor last week.) Aaron and Deyonte both made outfits that were boring. Deyonte seemed to be counting on the big reveal that the sleep top could be untucked (what?) and was longer than expected to be interesting.  Instead it meant the outfit looked bunchy (and his poor model that had to be uncomfortable) when tucked in, and frumpy when untucked. Aaron's suffered from a change in drape due to the painting he had done to the fabric, so it was more of a good idea gone wrong, or at least an okay idea. Hopefully Deyonte will get home to see his baby born, or at least be able to skype from the secret eliminated designer villa.