Friday, September 01, 2017

Project Runway: Fabric, Music and Innovation

Even though I remind myself that the first few elimination hardly matter as far as order it's starting to get hard.  But this week they had fabric and a pretty broad product placement theme that basically boiled down to dreams and dance.  These are the kind of challenges many designers struggle with because when you can do anything, well, what would you do?  Oh, right, the other designers are still not fans of the twins who talk constantly to each other.  (I really get that it's still likely barely w week they've all been together, but these two are doing nothing to endear themselves to others.  Michael and Margarita are speaking Spanish with each other.  I suspect some of the designers are still letting the calm, well, you have chosen a path, go all out Tim critique, to mean this is amazing, rather than, I see that this is the fabric you have keep on keeping on.  So, Kudzanai, who has decided safe is boring has picked a riot of colors and accessories.  Shawn snarks to the mannequins that when has that ever gone well, and sure.  The judges are not often fans of over adornment on top of a riot of colors, but it also, Shawn, wasn't a boring white wrap top that looks like the same thing that ended you in the bottom week 1. Margarita on the other hand, has just started her top - which is white, but has ruched sleeves and her sketch for the bottom indicates to Tim that while she's thinking Bomba style, her sketch says Bomba costume.  
She refines the plan for the skirt and flips the top, so that it has a tie front, which only works because she has a model with a minimal chest, but she does and the end result ends her in the top. Kudzanai is not so lucky.  
We are also still in the place where there are so many that some really good stuff, and in my opinion, some pretty boring stuff ended up safe. Amanda and Kenya made freaking amazing outfits and well, that's what happens when there are too many good things. 
Deyonte proved Tim's adage that bad outfits start at mood by picking a chartreuse lace that he struggled with (including getting a needle in his finger) and the outfit in the end looked messy, unfinished, and badly proportioned.  I honestly think they saved him because he won before so they think this might be an aberration.  (It might be.)
Kentaro picked black, and his outfit was well made, but the concept of lace skirt, ballet-esque stop was as boring as Deyonte's.  It was, as they said, the most obvious thing you can do when given a dance theme, was make something that looked kind of like a girl in a leotard and a tutu. 
Batani's outfit is amazing and you can see she has giving up the boring dress ways, and honestly, I'm mad this wasn't her second win.  
Brandon's outfit is beautifully tailored and really nice, but man, that puts two whiteish outfits in the top with Batani's awesome riot of color and I would wear Batani's so I am biased, but Brandon did make a fun outfit.
Kudzanai's really was kind of a mess.  There are many things attached and tacked on, and the base garment also doesn't look intentional, so the adornments look like they are there to distract you from the construction.  I still was personally more interested in what he would design for us, than I was in Deyonte, but I'm not on the show. Bye, Kudzani, I wish you well.