Thursday, June 08, 2017

Three Interesting Things

1. I am aware that there are some cats who like walks.  I maybe told people when I injured my knee that it was a windsurfing kittens debacle.  Apparently adventure catting is a thing. 
2. This idea that people too young to vote do not yet have political thoughts seems very silly considering I know I had deep thoughts about the Presidential election in first grade, that schools often hold mock elections, and that in eighth grade I was taking government and memorizing the preamble to the Constitution.  So, this eighth grader's op-ed about why she chose to not be in her class trip's photo with Paul Ryan (and why other students did or did not) is great.  Kudos to their teachers for fostering such critical thinking. 
3. This capture of an exchange from a year ago where a new hockey fan was born amused me.