Monday, June 26, 2017

That Time I Did Two (or Three) MKALs at once

It started so normally. I saw that a designer who had patterns I had knit was going to take the plunge and do a mystery along.  I've talked with people over the years about what makes a good and bad mystery designer and what makes a good and bad mystery knitter.  
On the designer side, it helps if this is a person you know makes things you tend to like.  Even if you haven't knit them all yet.  If you only like some of their designs, or their early designs, then, this may not be a a good choice.  
As a knitter you need to be willing to put in a lot of time without knowing where you are going.  Or buy the pattern (it's usually discounted at the start) and wait.  And if the pressure of other people finishing the clue faster will stress you out, don't do it. Seriously, nothing will make you more humble about your knitting speed.  I like it because if I run into a hmmm, I can usually check the spoiler thread and someone will have gotten there already.  
So, I signed up for one.  No big.  And then I heard there was another - different designer, also a newbie to the MKAL and my first thought was no.  I already had a sweater on the needles and I was just going to buy the pattern and wait and oh, who are we kidding I bought yarn for that too.  
The first clue came, and it was not a small clue as some first clues are.  But it was fine because the other one didn't start for another week, and then I realized I needed to swap my colors and rip back, and well, I fell behind.  On both.  They have both wrapped and I am not done - although I am now in the final clue of both and do you know what I did?  I signed up for another MKAL.  It started last week.  I'm caught up on that one.  For now.