Friday, February 24, 2017

Top Chef: And Then There Were Two

I had somehow convinced myself that this was the final episode so was - not sad to discover we had one more elimination - but sad because I was pretty sure this would be the most heartbreaking elimination.  
The loud birds in the quickfire sounded awesome but meant everyone spoke loud (or so it seemed from my TV screen) giving the whole thing the air of being in a loud bar.  I confess I've been playing with the Duolingo to refresh my Spanish, so I was a little surprised that Sheldon somehow thought tamal colado was going to be cheese, but I wasn't in a rush.  (I am also aware that Spanish is not prevalent in Maui the way that it is in California, where both Brooke and Shirley live. I don't think it was unfair but it is a thing.) 
But all of that wasn't in play in the elimination challenge, where they had to use a set pantry.  I do feel bad for Sheldon.  I think that noting both contestants were wrapping their fish does suggest that maybe using a different preparation works better, unless of course it turns out this particular grill is not going to allow for you to stick the fish directly on it.  
In the end - can you tell I am super sad about the result - but in the end it was very true to what we know of each chef.  A challenge where you had to work just with the ingredients and tools on hand worked great for Shirley who often makes a choice quickly and gets straight to work.  It caused challenges for Brooke who wanted to use too many things.  And Sheldon tried to go a little more rustic than his competitors with his grilling technique and ended up failing to see they had both used leaves because the more rustic grill was going to ruin the fish.  
I did feel for the judges who had a conundrum similar to "Project Runway" one person who had made something that was well done but meh, compared to a more flavorful idea that was executed less well. I am so sorry to see Sheldon go, but Brooke and Shirley are both great chefs and the finale will again make me jealous I can't steal some of the food from the judges plates.