Tuesday, February 07, 2017

7 Posts: When Your normal Coping Mechanisms Fail You - "Crazy Ex Girlfriend"

We all develop coping mechanisms.  Reading, yoga, blogging, drinking. But eventually, your coping mechanism fails you in some way.  Either there's an event so big, it overwhelms what little comfort you can get, or you just reach a point where you can no longer get yourself to that happy place.  There's not enough yoga, not enough alcohol and so then what.  On After Rebecca's move she had bounced around friends, houses, boyfriends, but the part of her job that had worked was her job. And okay we could argue that it worked because there's a limited number of law firms where spending the day stalking someone would barely be commented on.  But the big fish, little pond metaphor often gets used to look at how going from a small town or school to a large school can cause challenges.  It's very rarely used to look at how maybe some people just do better in smaller or medium sized ponds.  
But then Darryl sold part of the firm, and it ended up in the hands of a more traditional group of hourly and wage driven lawyers.  Or, well, one lawyer who was working to impress his dad.  And in a rare moment of self-reflection Rebecca said, this was everything she moved away from New York to avoid.  But in order to save the folks at the firm, she dug down for her old lawyer ways*, and landed a new client. 
But when the happiness of being with Josh turned out to not be enough, she went back to her therapist.  Finally ready to admit, or think about admitting, that maybe her problems and issues weren't lack of a love interest, but things she needed to look at inside herself.  And then Josh, having had his own revelation, burst in on her therapy and proposed.  But just like last season, I have faith that this is a continuing theme.  

*While Rebecca's money situation came up before, in the way of TV we are just putting that back under the rug and not worrying how Rebecca's salary is supporting pretty much anything this season. I'm sure a roommate helped.