Wednesday, December 14, 2016

RIP, Mr. Thicke

When I was in high school "Growing Pains" not only aired new episodes throughout the year, it reran on one of the local stations every evening.  So, in an average week I watched six episodes of "Growing Pains" while doing my homework.  (I would argue that I got a lot done during this half hour, my parents may disagree.) So, I am intimately familiar with the show, watched all the reunion movies, and also know "Growing Pains" factoids like Brad Pitt guest starred twice, at a time he was such an unknown that he played a different character. As someone who at the time had flirted with the idea of becoming a psychologist, the role of psychiatrist Dr. Jason Seaver was compelling to me, plus the various sibling differences ultimately spoke to me.  I haven't revisited those episodes, so have no idea how they read now, but I was incredibly attached to them and so, with sadness saw that Alan Thicke passed away last night.  He was also a TV theme song writer, and ridiculously, I can still sing quite a few of those.  These days I understand increased ad time has limited such things, and really only "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is committing to the theme song as a complete song, and not a short riff.