Friday, December 16, 2016

Project Runway: The Tim Visits

The Tim visits are my favorite part and if I had been Roberi's family, I would have demanded they have that video chat while Tim was there.  Also, time for my annual reminder to folks, hi, I love you, if you get on "Project Runway" make it to the final four and invite me as your dear friend.  Laurence told Tim her story, which viewers had gotten a peek at earlier.  Roberi talked about leaving Caracas.  Erin took Tim to a bar.  And Rik took Tim bowling which is kind of delightful.  I don't know what makes you think, I'll take Tim bowling, but these are creative minds at work here. 
Back in New York (or still in New York in Roberi's case) they showed the judges three looks with Heidi there via video chat, and Michael Kors there as an in person judge (along with Nina and Zac).  And so they were all told to work on cohesion.  I don't think the judges were wrong, and in fact it was a lot of what Tim had said during his visits, but I think the three looks can be tough, because if I show you a chocolate chip cookie, an sugar cookie, and a brownie, the brownie stands out.  But if I show you a chocolate chip cookie, sugar cookie, gingersnap, a marshmallow treat, a blondie, and a brownie, now it seems more balanced.  (This is a bad example because who says brownies, what were you thinking?  But you get my point.) 
But I'm looking forward to the finale.  These are some talented designers with excellent sewing skills, and the two have not always gone hand in hand.