Friday, May 13, 2016

Thank You, Mr. Strahan

I've talked about my love for "Live With Kelly and Michael" before. The show in it's various iterations has been a staple of my morning for some time. There were some breaks for jobs with earlier start times, but when I could I watched it. I watched when Regis left.  I watched through the yearlong search for his replacement and had secretly rooted for Michael to get the job (assuming Anderson Cooper wasn't available) because their on air chemistry worked so well.  He was absolutely game during their incredible Halloween episodes.  I was happy to see him pop up on "Good Morning America" (when GMA lost some of their testosterone) and found his attempts to speak with an accent amusing (if terrible).
I noted the decision to move to GMA permanently with mixed feelings, I really liked his participation on Live, but also felt he fit with the GMA team well.  I am sure that the various media reports of the what and the wherefore of the change were slanted and not entirely the whole story, so I hesitate to comment too much (I mean, I have thought, if you want to email me) but in the end, I have seen both shows go through a lot of change and become different yet still interesting versions of themselves, so I am hopeful for more of the same. I do think this means I will get a little less focused Michael of a morning, and I have thoughts about who I hope will replace him on Live, but also am aware that prior to the last big search Michael would not have crossed my mind, so there are likely other great choices I haven't considered.