Monday, May 09, 2016

7 Posts: That Ending in "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

[In case the title wasn't clear, spoilers abound for the final episode of season one.]
We ended where mid-pilot Rebecca believed she needed to be all along, wrapped in Josh's arms.  In another show I might have called it quits.  Not because I dislike Josh, or love, or happiness but because as they exist right now, Rebecca and Josh are not a good choice for each other.  But the thing that is clear to me is that the show knows this.  In another show, in another movie, would be presented as super romantic, at a wedding (that they both came to with other people) while a song (sung by the lovely Lea Salonga who in the context of this show is that meddling aunt who always makes things about her by grabbing a mike and singing this song) they left their significant others (sort of, because Greg went home drunk and may or may not be aware how much his world has changed) and came together and celebrated this by sneaking into the parking lot and having sex in what look suspiciously like Josh's sister's honeymoon transportation.  In other shows and movies we would hand wave away those tiny niggling details as unimportant. 
But I believe "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" fully intends to examine this.  Along with the reality that Josh loves how Rebecca makes him feel right up until he becomes aware that she also has a load of hopes and dreams about him.  They may be different from the ones that Valencia had for him, but they are still there. 
And Rebecca has spent a lot of time with Josh this year (more than even he knows) but she's still been there as his friend. She hasn't spent time in a way that would interfere with all the hopes and dreams she's pinned on him.  After all, this is just hours after she was thinking of declaring her feelings for Greg, and yes, Greg's wedding behavior left much to be desired, but after a smidge of trying to address it with him, she ditched him for Josh.  So neither of these people has demonstrated readiness for an adult relationship, and yes that's true of many people right until they decide this person is worth figuring it out for, but right now I don't think they want work, they just want happy without the work.  This, also creates a great metaphor for Rebecca's mental illness where she wants the pills and not the therapy.  (Or her physical health as she demonstrated by failing to treat her UTI.) She's managed, like many people, to show up and be great at her job and just (just!) let her personal relationships suffer, but despite the fact that West Covina has found her a good tribe of people who care about her, she still has not been putting in the work on herself.  And so, I actually view that ending as a bit of a cliffhanger, because Rebecca has really put her mental health in danger, and her ability to keep papering that over seems to be at an end.