Thursday, April 16, 2015

Three Interesting Things

1. I agree with this post about "Younger" in that is clearly a patchy show at the beginning, but there are moments that are so true and not addressed enough in TV that is is, for now at least, carrying me through the rest.
2. A twelve year old noticed an unfortunate trend in video games, that it literally cost more to play as a girl, and her Op-Ed has gotten the notice of some game makers.
3. And yes, million times to this post about Iris continually being left in the dark on "The Flash".  I'm trying to hang in there until they inevitably (right, universe?) do a musical episode (because, come on, who would waste all that musical talent) but this insistence by all the male people that Iris is "safer" (though she's already been kidnapped and threatened, so, explain that again) by not knowing is not believable.  It was barely believable at the start. It's really unbelievable now.