Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Interesting Things

My brain is still recovering from Romance in the Digital Age, aka #poprom which I shall attempt a better post, or at least storify later.  But three other interesting things are here.
1. So schmoopy, but I have the wonderful luck to know this couple, so love this story about them.
2. I read something recently that talked about how all media is problematic to some extent, such that our constant need to address the problems becomes noisy and can often lose the point that ultimately we liked something.  I think this Vox post on "Fresh Off the Boat" which has made me strangely nostalgic for the nineties touches on how great the show is and yes, also looks at how some things in the show get glossed over. 
3. And this post talks wonderfully about how librarians are in a special position as they fill the shelves with choices for their patrons.