Monday, February 23, 2015

So...The Oscars

Saturday, we did the remaining best picture nominees, and hmm.  I had seen "The Imitation Game" already, but was curious if it would do better on rewatch, since while I didn't dislike it, I liked it better on reflection.  (I did, mostly, but some of the theme leaning was still a bit overt.)
Again, we had some more noticeable themes (other than, yes, white men).  Both "Boyhood" (which was quite wonderful) and "Theory of Everything" ended up spurring questions about the bits left out.  (What happened to the step siblings?  Was is medical advances or something unexplained that led to Hawking so supremely outliving the initial diagnosis.)  Again, a movie can only be about so many things and this batch already ran long (not in a bad way, but I didn't need any of them to be longer), but I just had questions.  Fortunately, the real people are much easier to search on.
Real people was another theme (yes, "Selma" was about real people too, they could have swapped out "Boyhood" and made it a whole weekend of real people.) And real British professors, since "Theory of Everything" was followed by "The Imitation Game".  And then we had two war heroes since "The Imitation Game" was followed by "American Sniper". 
Amid all the movie fun, there was sleet and snow out there.  It was strange because it didn't look too bad where we were, but apparently Dulles got significantly more and understandably the theater had employees who wanted to get home safely, so they pushed up the showtime of the final movie which meant I consumed way more movie theater food than I had planned to that day. 
And then I watched the Oscars Sunday. There were still many many movies I hadn't seen (although I did also have "Unbroken", "Big Hero 6", and "Feast" under my belt). But it meant I had a better sense of the choices.  I know the decisions are made based on far more than, well, the content of the movies, but still.  It did not do anything about the Oscars refusal to adhere to a schedule of any sort, or to, say, cut unnecessary numbers or patter once it's clear they are wildly off.  I realize that this is a big deal for many of these people and they should absolutely get their moment on stage.  But, I still had to go to work the next day.
But it was fun, and there were some great moments.