Thursday, January 08, 2015

Three Interesting Things

1. I happened to notice a month or so back when two celebrities who were married appeared within a few days of each other on the same morning show that one got asked about balancing work and family and one didn't.  And sure, one doesn't have to be married to a public person to experience a very gender stereotypical line of questioning, but it was particularly noticeable, so this bit, where Elle decided to ask goofy questions to guys on the red carpet (and the outrage some of them had about being asked what was in their pockets, was quite amusing.
2. It hadn't occurred to me that fish could get the bends, but apparently it is a real concern with catch and release deep sea fishing, and some fishers are working on learning to treat this. 
3. I remember discussing the issues with the Myers Briggs test in my freshman psych class, and have found more recently I fall even closer to the middle when I take it.  I still think it can lead to interesting discussions, but found this article discussing how the results are meaningless, interesting.