Monday, January 19, 2015

Talking About Diversity is Tiring

So, the Oscar nominations were announced and there were a number of notable things.  There was of course, the ever present wait that but not that?  Really?  There were a notable lack of people of color, particularly in the acting, and directing categories.  There were a notable lack of women in, well, most categories that didn't require you to be female.  And sure, it's boring to have to keep pointing this out.  To have to keep discussing that yes, there should be better pipelines in place so that women and people of color have a greater breadth of opportunities available to them. And yes, it's not that there were no movies directed by women this year, no movies featuring people of color this year.  There are even ones that have been nominated and awarded for other things.  (And look, it's a sticky thing comparing award shows to award shows when the pool of voters and the process involved is distinct for each. But at least that suggests that it wasn't that there were no good movies made by women or featuring actors of color.) 
But, we need to keep having this conversation, tiring though it may be.  Because when people say this is the whitest it's been since the nineties, well, um the nineties are certainly not far back enough for us to call this a blip. There isn't an easy solution.  This probably requires addressing on multiple fronts, but by continuing to have this discussion, we keep remembering that there is work to do.  We support those already out there working.  And we remind those who feel, understandably, that this process is stacked against them, that we noticed.  We saw.