Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Interesting Things

1. Back when video (or DVD) rental places were easier to find, I quickly realized my dislike of things like errands and deadlines was going to mean that I was going to pay a lot of late fees.  Shopping movie sales turned out to be the more frugal option.  (Streaming actually works great for me because someone else has to remember to make it go back.)  I had not considered, that if I waited long enough, my late fees might result in my being arrested, but one woman (who sadly, was at the police station to report a crime, and found herself, well, in jail) discovered that even though the video place she rented from in 2005 is no longer in business, you can still be held for this. 
2. I was happy to discover that among the local DC area folks competing in the Olympics is a barista who played hockey for Switzerland.  (I say played, because, well, they have now been eliminated, although she did score a goal for them.) 
3. I honestly don't recall if my middle school government had any responsibilities beyond planning school dances (sorry to them if they did) but some local students at Deal have made it a point to work on getting a bus shelter for the stop near their school.