Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Interesting Things: Olympic Edition

1. Given that watching Olympics where they sometimes refer to a sixteen year-old's last shot at glory, it's nice to see a story about some "older" Olympians, as in the forty year-old's.
2.  I don't watch cross country outside of the Olympics, but even still had missed the change that the skiathalon involved a mid-race ski swap.  And speaking of skiathalons, I adored US competitor Jessica Diggins and not just because she has pink and blue streaks in her hair along with glitter makeup, but because in the media's focus on things like medal counts and such it is easy to forget that just competing at the Olympics is amazing, that the number of athletes that medal is tiny but that doesn't make competing a waste of time.  And in her interview she, well, glittered with happiness over finishing eighth, because it exceeded her goal of trying for top twenty.  I'm sure there are plenty of other athletes thrilled to have set a new personal record.  It was lovely to see. 
3. A skiier broke a ski mid-race.  Obviously that impacted his ability to win, but he still wanted to finish the race.  A coach from another team/country went onto the course and helped the racer into a spare ski he had.