Thursday, November 07, 2013

Three Interesting Things

1. Another study shows that the biggest difference between kids who do well at math and kids who don't, is that the kids who do well believe that they are math people.  Having read Michael Oher's biography this year, this was one of the things that he talked about, that it's easy to assume he was successful because he got adopted by the right family, whereas he made a decision early in life to be successful and worked hard to get himself into a position where, among other things, a lovely family adopted him, so that he was prepared to take advantage of the opportunities made available to him.  The other interesting point that this brings up, particularly regarding things like math or language, is that at any age, you could then work to change this about yourself.
2. The stores have been stocked with green and red for weeks now, and I have already received a coupon for a holiday tree.  (Even if I did live, or formerly live holiday trees, I would not do them in early November, but that's just my preference).  So, in case like Charlie Brown and Phoebe Buffay you wondered what happens to the poor trees not chosen for home decor, the answer, at least in one part of Berlin is elephant food.
3. And I look forward to hearing about the results of San Francisco's stint as Gotham City.  This is not for a movie, it is as part of a wish granted to a boy with leukemia who told the Make-A-Wish team that he wished to be Batkid.  Apparently the police chief is expecting some special crime that day, that only Batkid can assist with.