Monday, November 11, 2013

Links for help and aid

The Philippines, which just had an earthquake last month that had already left a lot of buildings damaged and people displaced, just got hit by a record breaking typhoon, as you have likely heard.  It is also Veteran's Day, whether or not that means you get a day away from work or school. 
So, it seems like a good day to reflect, give thanks, and possibly reach out to others. 
Doctors Without Borders has people already in the Philippines (and other places around the world). 
The US Red Cross is sending a team to the Philippines and also provides services to veteran's here.  (There is also a Red Cross Philippines.)
Shelterbox provides a box that contains, well, shelter and cooking utensils to those displaced by disasters.  (The link is to the US organization.  Should you be elsewhere there are other branches, just go down to the bottom and click your location.)