Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Project Runway Contestants,

First I want to give kudos to both Braden and Miranda because there is a thing that seems to happen at least once a season and people get all up in arms about it, and you both resisted.  You both picked out not only plaid, but a red plaid and paired it with a white top.  Neither of you acted like you had invented plaid.  Neither of you acted like both of you using plaid was an example of one designer stealing another designer's idea.  You both expressed some realistic concern that your ideas might seem too similar, but not in a way that suggested the other designer needed to change anything about what they were doing.  So, again, kudos.
Well, Alexandria, you are kind of growing on me.  Whereas Dom, that was an idea that with more time might have been really interesting but as it was I think you were just barely safe. 
And while I have wondered how the anonymous runway really works when you can see the designers giggling with glee or sometimes cringing when their stuff walks, I think this might be a case where it worked in the designer's favor.  Because Ken and Helen, those were nice outfits, but that's all they were.  But you surprised the judges, so you survive another "week".