Monday, August 19, 2013

A Clean Slate of Sorts

This weekend my DVR experienced a tragic illness known as hard drive failure.  It was swift but final.  Now obviously I just reconnected the TV to the cable and we were back in business (well, once I sorted out the question of where the cable remote might be).  And the newfangled DVR's these days now require an extra piece of business from the cable company to go, so it will take a little longer until things DVR are up and running again. 
But in addition to the task of teaching the new DVR the things I wish it to record automatically for me, there were a bunch of things I was still behind on.  In these days of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and other TV streaming sources, little is truly lost forever, but I had episodes 3-10 of "Orphan Black" for example all queued up and ready to go, and well, now I don't.  I had a ridiculous number of season passes set up, although some of them were for shows that no longer produce new episodes, but I hadn't quite reached the point where I could delete that.  (Farewell, "Happy Endings".) 
But, I am trying to find the positive.  This was probably something I needed to do.  To wipe the slate clean, stop confusing the DVR that sometimes suggested things that were so spot on, and sometimes suggested I might like "Anger Management".  No, DVR, I would not.  I feel like you don't even know me at all! 
And now some of those shows I kept saying to myself I wanted to watch, even as they stacked up, well, it's probably time to evaluate how much I really want to hunt them down.