Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three Interesting Things

1.  The answer to why they will continue to inspect your toiletries at airports may be here, with this attempt at smuggling.
2. When my book club discussed Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, several more gamer folk mentioned they found that the lack of girl specific backlash was, well, possibly a sign that it was told from a male POV.  Now, sure, it takes place in the future, so some things may have improved.  As an example of where we are with this now, many, many people linked to this account of a guy logging in under his girlfriend's ID and being immediately given grief.  Doesn't much improve when he demonstrates his gamer chops. 
3. So mice are cute in theory but less cute when non-pet mice attempt to share your living space.  However, tossing said mouse into a pile of burning leaves may lead to loss of house.  So maybe stick to traps.  Or cats.