Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Mockery as Advertisement

Lo some years ago, a local marketing group ran an ad comparing readers on other regions metro systems to DC's, using a romance novel as the example of the less educated riders in other places.  The romance readers were not pleased. So, while I have not managed a good picture of it, you can imagine my supreme pleasure that there are currently ad's for Sylvia Day's Crossfire series in the DC metro.  (Woot!  I've read the first, need to get going.) 
But now apparently in New York, in subways even, there are ads for a show called "Knitting Wars"*.  Except, on further inspection the poster claims if you thought this was a real show, you suck.  (I'm paraphrasing.) I recognize a lot of advertising works on the premise that people who do, watch, or use certain things are therefore better, but boy am I tired of people picking on the things I do.  (The mime community is probably just as tired, given they are targets of one of these too.) 
PBS currently airs at least two knitting type programs that I am aware of, in addition to their other news, entertainment, and children's programming, which makes the targeting of the folks most likely to perk up at the idea of a competitive knitting show an interesting choice. 
And while I support the programming that PBS brings to the airwaves, nothing about this makes me want to donate**.

*H/t to the fellow knitter who alerted me to this. 
**Yes, this was for the WNET station, not my local.  Still annoyed.