Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Interesting Things

1. There was a time when "Baywatch" was the highest exported TV show. Even before it went from the first season soapy fun to what I considered comparatively sillier, it made sense that it was a show that did not require an understanding of the dialogue to appreciate.  It always fascinates me the shows that get translated and remade, whether the zillion versions of "Ugly Betty", or the US to UK version of "Who's the Boss?" called "The Upper Hand", the choices and results fascinate me.  So, this apparent Japanese interpretation of "Two and a Half Men" is especially interesting to me.  It uses the actual show, and yet, well, I suggest watching.  (Safer for work than the actual show might be, but the video will have sound once you click play.)
2. I took this photo of a daffodil at Dupont Metro end of February. 
<a href="" title="First Daffodil at DuPont Metro by mememe20016, on Flickr"><img src="" width="282" height="500" alt="First Daffodil at DuPont Metro"></a>
I found it's presence joyful, even if Daffodils in February are probably not a great sign for the environment overall.  But a daffodil!  Well, apparently it's part of some, er, unapproved planting.  On the one hand, I certainly see why metro does not want to encourage folks to roam about in the not approved for passengers parts of the stations.  But, the daffodil!  (And morning glories, and other planty things.) Hopefully a workable solution can be found. 
3.The folks at the NPR code switch blog have mapped out the basics of being a bro.  It includes both a diagram and the sentence, "Damn right we're overthinking this," so you know I loved it.